Get Started

Hi there!    You’ve made it all the way to this page, which must mean you have an amazing photo or drawing that you’d like us to make a notebook out of!  AWESOME!

We’re working on a super-fancy submission form for this page– one that will allow users to attach/ upload photos, tell us about themselves, and actually work.

Right now, while we’re working that out, let’s just keep it simple.    To get started with the notebook process, the first step is to make contact with us so we can make sure we’re going to like working together and so we can check out your photos or drawings to make sure we can market them.

With that in mind, please send an email to getcreativepages @ (copy and paste, then take out the spaces– we’re trying not to get spammed by every bot on the internet).

  1.  Name:

2.  Email:

3.  Your Facebook page/ profile/ Twitter/ Instagram/ whatever you use for social media:

4.  A little about yourself:

5.   Attach your photos or drawings.  Feel free to make a low-res


We are all about making things simple, so if you don’t like forms/ can’t attach/ don’t hear back from us, feel free to drop us a line at getcreativepages @ (copy and paste, then take out the spaces).  We will get right back to you!

Here is the form, though, in case you love forms and want to go that direction.

Please attach one or more photos that you'd like to use for a notebook. If you'd like, make it low-resolution-- this makes things faster and insures that we can't use the photo until we enter into an agreement with you and get a higher-res version. This is totally up to you. We are not going to use your photo without your permission, but you do not have to take our word for it-- just send us something small!