Ha Bun Shu Sketchbook: Draw Along with Yuzan Mori

This is one of our newest designs, and is by far the most popular!

Ha Bun Shu is a series of “wave and ripple” drawings produced by Japanese artist Mori Yuzan. We don’t know alot about Yuzan other than this: he was from Kyoto, he worked in the Nihonga style, and he died in 1917. Ha Bun Shu is interesting because is has become the guide for craftsmen in Japan who are looking to decorate their objects with wave and ripple patterns. You can see this style on everything from swords and knives (the blades as well as the handles), on “sword furniture,” on plates and lacquerware, in religious iconography and objects, and many other places (including of course, tattoos). This book is a practice sketchbook for anyone interested in learning how to sketch or draw in this style. It’s laid out like this: we’ve collected a series 15 of Ha Bun Shu waves and ripples and placed them on the left side so that you can practice drawing the figures in the blank space on the right. This series repeats three times, then you have some additional blank pages to practice and draw on your own. The hope is that by the third time through, you have mastered the technique and can start to draw the waves and ripples on your own, like for tattoos or on your on craftwork.


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