Do you have a favorite photo?  Two?  Three?   What about a drawing you did, or a drawing your kid did?   Something awesome you designed?

OF COURSE YOU DO!   Whether it’s a photo of some amazing scenery, of your dog or cat, or your kid, or even of yourself, everyone has images that they love.

Here’s the thing– we think you should make money from your photos and drawings, and we can help!    We make notebooks of all sizes, so we’re happy to make your favorite photo or drawing or piece of graphic design into a series of notebooks that will then be for sale on Amazon.   You can order them for yourself, share them with friends and family so they can buy them, or give them as gifts.    This will get other people (strangers!) to start buying them, which means you make money.

Here’s a little FAQ to answer some of the questions you might have about this:

What’s the catch?

No catch, we’re just good at making notebooks, so we would be your publisher and we’ll enter into an agreement that we’ll all sign.   We’ll then provide you with a monthly report of how many people bought notebooks with your photos on them, then we’ll cut you a check.     The up-side for you is that you don’t have to learn things like InDesign, PhotoShop, and publishing in general, because all of that is pretty time-consuming.  If you want to do it, though– totally do it!   We encourage you!

What do I have to do?

Well, fill out this form, first of all, and send us a low-res version of one or more of your images (just so we can make sure they will look good on notebooks and that we can market them properly).   Once we have agreed on one or more photos, we’ll sign an agreement, then we’ll start the production process.   Shortly thereafter, notebooks with YOUR images will be for sale on Amazon!

Any rules?

Yes, thank you for asking.   You must be the original taker of the photo/ creator of the artwork (therefore the copyright holder).  If it’s a photo and there are people in it we’ll need those people (or their parents) to sign a release so that their image can be used.  Also, please do not send us any images (even low-res versions) depicting violence of any kind, weapons, anyone being harmed or exploited in any way, or anything illegal, because not only will we not help you sell that, but we will then be obligated to report you, and no one wants that.    We also can’t help you sell photos with copyrighted things in them.   Here are some general stock photography guidelines for your reference.

Can I make edits to my notebook?

We like to launch pretty quickly to get momentum going (and get money coming your way!).  We will show you an electronic proof, then we’ll do one round of changes if you don’t like the placement of the image.   After that, we recommend switching to a different image that might be easier to place, so you’ll have something you absolutely love.

How long does it take?

We can have your notebooks up in about a week, depending on how quickly you respond to us!

How much do I get paid?

We will send you a report of how your notebooks sold every month, and you’ll get paid the percentage of those sales that we agreed upon in the agreement.   Agree?

Can I make it so only myself and my friends and family can buy the notebooks?

Unfortunately no, stuff that is for sale on Amazon is available to everyone in the entire marketplace.    If you want to make custom stuff and make it privately available for sale, totally try Zazzle!   It is awesome!

What are WE going to do, anyway?

Formatting for print publication is actually more complicated than you would think, so we will handle the making of the actual notebook covers (in a variety of sizes) in the proper resolution, with the proper bleed and margins so that it looks good when it is printed.  We also provide five different types of paper (college ruled, wide ruled, graph paper, blank paper, and blank sheet music) to give you a good variety to offer people.  We also do the keyword research, write the description, and put the whole thing into Amazon.   We do all of this BEFORE ever getting paid, so it’s kind of alot.

Ready to get started?  Fill out this form and let’s talk!